Steinert Group, established since 1999 in Thailand,

is a trading and distribution company providing European products for the local industries. In the business unit "food & beverage" we stock and distribute high quality, semi-finished frozen food products, organic soft drinks and confectionary to restaurants and hotels.

Our mission

Is to facilitate everyday production for the food service. Making the daily operations easier, faster and with total control of cost.

By using high quality mainly frozen products from Europe any hotel, restaurant or café can work with a consistent level of quality, no wastage and always full capacity in the kitchen

Our main partners

At home in the Emilia-Romagna Region inItaly Surgital is producing since premium filled Pasta products. They combine traditional Italian cuisine with innovative deep-freezing technologies to offer quality deep-frozen fresh pasta, ready meals and sauces, all without preservatives but with the flavours of ITALY.

Since85 year the family owned company Bürger is producing German ConvenienceFood Products.In2 factories they produce daily approx. 500to of various Pasta’s for the HORECA and Retail market.The product portfolio includes traditional German dishes as well as special vegan products.

Verdino Green Foods is one of theEuropean pioneer in the plant based meat category. Today they are offering a versatile vegan product portfolio for all kind of kitchens and taste.Beside various products for restaurants Verdino is also offering ready meals for the retail B2C.

Mondarella is a German Foodservice  “start-up” . A team of gourmet chefs and scientists with a dedication to cheese. They reimagine cheese and today they produce vegan , made from premium quality and ingredients with a considerable lower ecological footprint.

Our sister company Officina delProsciutto is a food service company , well established with various warehouses and delivery facilities in Thailand. The product range includes fresh sausages, ham, cheese, pastas as well as dry food products all imported fromEurope. Also ODP is offering a wide range of wines and spirits.