Imported, healthy plant-based products to provide chefs of restaurants, hotels and caterings the option to create balanced and healthy dishes for a versatile menue. All products are free of allergenes like soja , free of palm-oil and free of preservatives and other chemical additives. Our selected products providing high energy values based on unsaturated fats and proteins.

Plant-based food products are also suitable for a vegan nourishment.

Mondarella is a German Foodservice  company , well known for it’s healthy and natural cheese alternatives . They reimagine cheese and today they produce Plant-based cheese products , made from premium quality ingredients with a considerable lower ecological footprint.

Verdino Green Foods is one of the European pioneer in the Plant-based meat category. Today they are offering a versatile Plant based product portfolio for all kind of kitchens and taste – from meat to chicken and fish flavours.

Our sister company Officina delProsciutto is a food service company , well established with various warehouses and delivery facilities in Thailand. The product range includes fresh sausages, ham, cheese, pastas as well as dry food products all imported fromEurope. Also ODP is offering a wide range of wines and spirits.