Denibbing, design polishing or edge rounding the HEESEMANN profiRounder does it all with its flexible configurations. For more basic applications the HGM 2 is the solution for competitive grinding with 2 aggregates as roller or brushing aggregates.

HOUFEK – Bulldog 5/7/9

HEESEMANN – ProfiRounder

HOUFEK –Final  



The AES CNC portfolio for processing of aluminum and other metals. Flat parts and almost any profile shape can be processed with the range of the 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC centres.


Wandres the professional cleaning solution for coils, outer body panels and for sheet- and textured sheet-metal. Custom-made units are available to suit your work piece widths and shape. Special brush configurations are able to even remove extremely sticky laser scorch marks and debris. There is hardly any limit to Wandres cleaning solutions.


Wandres Cleaning units Hand held vacuum blast

Wandres (Combi) Sword Brush Una