With our partner ELEKTROTEKS we are providing automatic gluing units both for Hotmelt adhesive lamination, most commonly used for pocket spring mattress production next to water-based gluing lines mainly for foam sandwich mattress


ELEKTROTEKS offering single needle frame type quilting units such as the FELIS models as well as continuous quilting units such as TIGON and HYDRA for higher output, efficiency as well as design quality. All units using latest technology and highest rpm sewing heads from Durkopp-Adler or equivalents.


Our tape edge unit selection from ELEKTROTEKS covers economical units with 3 table selection up to high speed units with 4 table section including flip & catch for heavy mattresses. Sewing heads are top end PFAFF units with the highest rpm in the market.


ELEKTROTEKS mattress packing units include standard Headboard/Mattress vacuum packing units with high output such as the ET-FULLPACK , up to full automatic WRAP, COMPRESS, FOLD and ROLL pack units able to produce bed in box types.


With our partner ELEKTROTEKS we are not just offering single mattress production units but also full factory layouts and designs, fully integrated and linked lines to produce mattresses from scratch to end. Paired with industrial, user-friendly, pro active software solutions, ease of mind and controlled production is not anymore difficult to achieve. Contact us for consultation and support.