June, 2023

Steinert team at LIGNA 2023 hangover Germany


The Steinert Team visited the Ligna 2023 to discover the latest technology in the field of woodworking and to meet with friends, customers and suppliers.

In general the Ligna seemed to be reduced in size compared to the earlier years but that did not stop the visitors to come and explore what's new. All sections of the woodworking industry had been present from saw milling and board production up to furniture machinery and surface technology.

The three focus topics of the Ligna 2023 had been: Woodworking transformation, Prefab Building Processes and Green Material Processing

AES our supplier for CNC, panel cutting and edge banding presented their new edge bander range with EVA and PUR gluing units.
A highly competitive front loading panel saw and within their well know CNC program the new GO! for 6 side drilling.

Another milestone is the AES WOP a fully parametric design software which integrates all machines from the design stage up to the final processed work piece ready for packing. It can’t get any easier be it for serial or size-one batch operation.

Our Partner KAMA the specialist for paint spray application for boards and profiles presented its competitive Chevall unit and the new high speed spraying machine KBOT. The KBOT can perfectly spray flat and profiled panels in one pass even if only one side is painted. This is important when the bottom side is not painted and covered by foil or a melamine paper. The KBOT applies a sufficient and equal amount on all edges and also the lower 3D section despite the fact that those areas absorb a higher amount of paint.

The KAMA KRBM 600 is the versatile spray machine for profiles of up to 600 mm width. This is a very competetive alternative for painting of narrow work pieces to save cost with a reduce overspray in comparison with a wide bodied spray robot.

Dincmak scored with customer with their new and impressive 6 axis CNC  OPTIMUS. The most flexible solution for chair parts and any other odd shaped work piece. The Pegasus software which is included in the package provides a userfriendly interface.

For 4 and 5 axis application Dincmakoffers the Joker and the Smart CNC Lathe with a number of aggregates forcomplete processing of any type of wooden leg or stair posts.

All new products and machineries are available form now onwards for our customers in South East Asia
with the well known service and support from our Steinert Team.

Please contact us for more information and details.

See you at the Ligna 2025 fair!

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