June, 2023


After leaving the pandemic behind and going through stressful and uncertain times, early 2023 was again a bit of light in the dark, celebrating and bonding once more with the Steinert and Adino teams in Thailand.

Our company trip brought us near the beach region of Hua Hin, where our teams enjoyed a sunny day on the beach, not just relaxing and enjoying the water but also accomplishing teamwork tasks for continuous close relations and goals.

The evening celebration was prepared with a traditional Thai-style food and drink menu near the river, where also a lucky draw event was done with the main prize which Khun Pae won.

Having spent 3 days at Kaeng Krachan, the event was a successful bonding trip for both companies and staff, looking forward to the new year, ready to face obstacles and regain pre-covid revenues and profits.

Thanks from the Steinert and Adino Team to our customers for their great support throughout the past years and also to our service providers and partners for their contributions.

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